After 1903

by Dr. Richard Stimson

in The Kitty Hawk Years

In their career in aviation, they designed, built and flew about 1/2 dozen different designs. Total production of airplanes in America from 1909-1915 was 100. They also built and sold airplanes all over the world.

The airplane stayed in those same crates untouched for 13 years. In 1916 some of Orville’s friends persuaded him to rebuild that airplane. He used some parts he could use from the original and replaced other parts that couldn’t be used. All these other parts that couldn’t be used are scattered all over America.

Kitty Hawk has the cracked engine block, one broken propeller and some of the cloth. The other broken propeller is in the Smithsonian Institute, Washington D.C. Some parts are in the Air Force Museum in Dayton. Other parts are in the Franklin Institute in Pennsylvania.

When Neil Armstrong stepped on the moon he had in his possession a piece of the original cloth of the Wright Brother’s airplane.

So our journey has taken us from the lonely wind swept sands of Kitty Hawk, NC to Tranquility Base on the lonely windless surface of the moon and we did it all in the lifetime of a human being.

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